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Rights for Haitian Families
Haitians who are willing to work in the sugar cane industry in the Dominican Republic have been able to cross the border between the two countries but benefits Haitians receive once they settle are very limited. Most children have limited access to education and a remarkably high number of them remain undocumented. This project is expanding on a previously successful effort to educate Haitian immigrants about their rights and how to access essential services. Read more...
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Leadership Training

Economic opportunities exist in Velingara, among the poorest regions of Senegal, but young people do not seize them due to lack of skills, training and awareness. This project will provide resources and training to prepare and equip Senegal's promising young leaders to reach their potential and pursue economic opportunities that offer them a better future and help them build a stronger community. Read more’Ķ

Improving Clinical Care

In Ol'Kalou, Kenya, 40% of expectant mothers give birth at their homes without the supervision of trained healthcare workers. Specialists in the maternity department will expand their clinic with new equipment, such as an electronic delivery bed, a fetal doppler, a suction machine and a digital blood-pressure machine to promote birthing at the hospital, which can improve outcomes for mom and baby. Nursing staff in Ol'Kalou reports a 98% success rate in facilitating healthy live births. Read more...

Creation Tamslouht

Economic opportunity empowers women. Forty women who participate in a women's arts cooperative in Tamslouht, Morocco will identify and train forty young women from the community, mentoring them in technology, business, and craftwork. The women of Creation Tameslouht will serve as mentors for the young women, growing their network and influence in the community and establishing themselves as important women-centered association. Read more...

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