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Solar Energy and Sustainable Business in Rwanda
In Gicwamba, Rwanda, a rural farming village near the Ugandan border, the average family income is 16 USD per month, and there is no electricity. This project will support a local women's group in developing an income generating initiative around solar lanterns, which can provide light for young people to study by at night and reduce dependence on kerosene lamps, which are expensive and damaging to the environment. The women will be trained to manufacture and provide maintenance for the lanterns, will install them in their own homes to demonstrate their value, and will develop a business around their new skills, increasing their ability to generate income to support their families.
Ganza Lanterns: Village Women's Co-op
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Improving Health for Moms and Babies in Namanjalala Village

Namanjalala Village in Kenya, a community that struggles with high levels of poverty, poor sanitation, and high rates of water-borne illness, also lacks essential health services for women, particularly for expecting and new mothers. This project will bring better medical equipment and supplies, improved water access, and more hygienic facilities to the rural health clinic serving the community's 17,000 people, the Namanjalala Dispensary, ultimately improving the clinic's ability to provide safe, sterile, and affordable childbirth to mothers.
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Supporting Community Health Workers in Njabini

This project will support a group of community health workers, who volunteer their time and money to advocate for healthier and safer maternal and child health practices in Njabini, Kenya. The group will raise goats and sell goat milk, which is in high demand in the region. Income generated will be distributed amongst the community health workers, used to purchase more goats, and deposited into a group savings account, which will provide loans for local families dealing with extreme poverty or other difficult circumstances.
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Women-led Business Development

Corozo Abajo is a rural community in the Dominican Republic that lacks running water, stable electricity, and paved roads. With little opportunity for employment in the community beyond cacao farming, which is traditionally done by adult men, women are denied the opportunity to work and young people often leave the community to pursue more opportunity elsewhere. This project will train local women in business and financial literacy to turn their small, income-generating activities into a sustainable, women-led business.
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