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World Connect is Launching its First 12 Projects of 2014 - Support One Today!

In Estanzuela, an isolated, mountainous community on El Salvador's border with Honduras, we are seeking $1,905 to provide business and leadership training to a group of women and to support the launch of their small business selling baked goods. Support this project.

World Connect identifies locally-led initiatives that, with our support, improve the lives of women and children in the developing world. We have launched women-led micro-enterprises, renovated health clinics, established recycling programs, supported community greenhouses and school gardens, constructed latrines, improved access to clean water, introduced libraries into communities and schools, and given grassroots organizations the tools with which to advocate for their rights, their environment, and their health.

Teach a Kid to Farm

Bondo town and Nyakasumbi Village in Kenya currently have a 46% stunting rate for children. Most children in the area do not eat three meals per day. This project aims to combat food insecurity in this rural region of Kenya by engaging young people as agriculture leaders, operating an agriculture and rabbit raising demonstration project. Their project will provide increased food security and income generating opportunities for local families.

Leaders of the Future

Senegalese youth have few opportunities for mentorship. This project, which builds off of World Connect's successful "Leaders in Development" project in Senegal last year, gives students in Kolda, Senegal, one of the poorest regions, an opportunity to be placed in a competitive, five-week internship program. Ten students will be selected for internship positions with NGO offices, giving these students an opportunity to experience a professional office environment for the first time and support their community.

Healthy Kitchens

The Dominican Republic is well known as a tourist destination and indeed its beaches are beautiful. In much of the rest of the country, however, basic development infrastructure is significantly lacking and many women cook over an indoor open fire that burns nearly all day, depleting trees and creating respiratory issues for women and children. "Fogones Mejorados" (improved cookstoves) is a project that will construct better stoves for families at risk.

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