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World Connect is pleased to announce our first round of 2013 projects. Find your favorite new project and click the DONATE button. Our promise is to get your funds into the hands of local project leaders efficiently and securely, and to work closely with them to accomplish our shared goal of supporting women and children around the world.
  Renovation of Mawingu Nursery and Women's Center

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Educational Compound

In Kalou, Kenya, mainly maize and potatoes are grown and because of the elevation, fruits and vegetables high in vitamins must be imported and can be expensive or extremely seasonal. This project will build a greenhouse that will allow the community to diversify their diet and generate additional income for their village.


Souss Girls
Soccer Camp

Opportunities for girls in the Souss-Massa region of Morocco are extremely limited, especially in the field of sports. This project aims to build girls' skills in soccer, increase self-confidence and community engagement, and influence cultural norms around girls participating in sports.


Rural Education

In Buen Hombre, Dominican Republic, a rural coastal community with about 650 residents, the average adult education is 5th grade. This project will build a library to promote education and learning among young people in the region to encourage achievement of higher levels of education.


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