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Yacine's Story

In Tambacounda, Senegal, plastic bags and wrappers filled the streets, that is until Yacine and a group of women in her community organized a project with World Connect's support to teach women how to create marketable crafts from the trash littering their community.

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This "Outstanding Persons" series was curated by Gideon Lovell-Smith. Gideon spent this fall working as a games keeper on an estate in Scotland, joining World Connect this past winter. Gideon is currently working in Grenada for the non-profit Cocoa Future Farmers Initiative as a farmer. Gideon plans to attend the university of Edinburgh this fall and study Archaeology. Gideon lives in Walpole, New Hampshire.

Ferdous' Story

In a region where women entrepreneurs are rare, Ferdous, 14, dreams of starting her own business thanks to the training and inspiration she received by participating in a World Connect project in partnership with Creation Tameslouht. Read more of
Ferdous' story >>


Joel's Story

Joel lives in the poorest neighborhood of Hone Creek, Costa Rica, in a one room cement house with his whole family. Joel had a history of skipping class and neglecting schoolwork before World Connect’s educational Organic Gardening Project. Read more of Joel's story >>

Meylin’s Story

“I am so thankful to World Connect for helping my partners and I realize our dreams of owning our own business. This project will be an inspiration for other women in my town, for my children, and my whole family.” Read more of
Meylin’s story >>


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