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Boats = Opportunity!
In 2012, World Connect supported an innovative project on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya, where women were trading sex for fish from area fisherman - both to sell and to feed their families. A $3,400 grant from World Connect allowed a women's cooperative to build three of its own fishing boats in six months. During this short time, power and gender dynamics shifted. Women now have a more prominent role in the main local industry, they are earning good incomes and they are already planning to build more boats. Read more.

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Drilling for Water

In Kithyululu, Kenya, water is scarce. In addition to its negative impact on community health, limited water availability affects the community in other ways such as reduced agricultural productivity and increased school fees, the latter of which prevents many young people, especially girls, from finishing school. This project will drill a well for water on the grounds of a local high school, increasing access to safe, clean water for the entire community. Read more about how this project will transform Kithyululu.

Biogas for All

There are limited sanitation facilities available in the Nyagihanga Sector Community in Rwanda. Men and women can often be seen defecating in public, which increases health risks for the community such as the spread of bacteria and the contamination of water sources. This project will build five public bathroom facilities, each connected to a biogas digester, which will provide the villages that make up Nyagihanga with a hygienic solution for sanitation needs while also producing much needed energy resources for the community.
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Green Play Space

Thiales de Guatuso is a rural town of landowners and farmers in Costa Rica. The local elementary school has very limited financial and physical resources which leaves local youth little opportunity and they spend their time wandering the streets. This project will develop a safe play space youth of all ages from recycled materials offering youth a healthy social environment as well as increasing awareness in the community about the environment.
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