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Our Commitment to Rwanda

It's been 20 years since the Rwandan genocide but to this day most news stories about Rwanda lead with the genocide narrative and how Rwanda's tragic history impacts the country even to this day. While this is a reality, the narrative often belies some of the incredible achievements of the country in the last twenty years in improving health, encouraging economic development, addressing corruption, and promoting national unity.

The advances in the health sector have been the most celebrated internationally, and rightly so. Most major health measures are steadily improving, such as HIV prevalence rates and rates of severe malnutrition in children under five years old. The government has ambitious strategies for tackling nearly every major health problem. But Rwanda really shines in its efforts to provide health care to the poorest of its population. The country introduced an affordable health insurance program in 2004, Mutuelle de Sante, and by 2010 more than 91% of the population was covered. The Ministry of Health has also mobilized a network of more than 15,000 community health workers, three per village, who spend each day in households, building strong relationships with families, monitoring health, treating minor illnesses, and referring people to health centers when necessary.

Moving forward, one of the biggest challenges Rwanda faces is replicating the success achieved in the health sector in other sectors, such as education, agriculture, rule of law, and others. World Connect is proud to work side by side with community leaders, local government partners, and with Peace Corps Volunteers in Rwanda to address some of the most pressing issues in the country's most marginalized communities.

We invite you to learn more about our current project work in Rwanda by clicking the links below and by visiting our blog with entries from staff and volunteers who recently visited Rwanda.

Focus on Rwanda Projects


Ganza Lanterns

Children in Gicwamba cannot study after school because of there is no electricity, and the kerosene lamps often used in homes are toxic and dangerous. A local women's cooperative is working with World Connect, pioneering the sale of solar lanterns to local households. Read more about the benefits of this project, both to the women and to households in Gicwamba.
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In Nyagihanga Sector, World Connect is supporting the installation of three community access, biodigestor latrines, which produce a biogas that can be tapped and used in local households, and an organic fertilizer that is extremely valuable in this agricultural region. Learn more about this innovative technology and project and view new photos.
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Ejo Hazaza

The women of the Ejo Hazaza Cooperative are living with HIV. But this fact does not define them. This special group of women makes and sells beautiful jewelry, including glass beads from recycled glass. Their group is as much a support system as it is an income-generating cooperative. They are like sisters. Learn more about this project and view new photos.
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