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Promoting Journalism in Morocco

World Connect recently awarded a third year of funding to a project in Ouarzazate, Morocco for the continued training of a group of Moroccan youth as journalists. Working with World Connect and local project leaders since 2010, the group is now launching their own youth-led media company and leadership of the project is being handed over from the Peace Corps Volunteer who initially identified the group of budding journalists to the groups 19-year old founding member.
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What's Happening


Safe Childbirth in Kenya

Nearly 8,000 Kenyan women die every year while giving birth. Only 30% of Kenyan health care facilities provide services for delivering babies. In Singorwet, a small town in Kenya where most women deliver at home instead of in a health clinic, local leaders and community members approached their local Peace Corps Volunteer and expressed their desire to obtain maternity ward equipment for the local health clinic. When fully equipped, the Singorwet Dispensary anticipates delivering approximately 700 babies each year and 100% of women in the community reported that they plan to deliver at the clinic when its ready.
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Fall 2012 Grants

This fall World Connect launched 41 projects to improve health, the environment, education and economic opportunity for women and children around the world. 5 projects were launched in Costa Rica totaling $8,979.36, 7 projects in the Dominican Republic totaling $19,644.95, 3 projects in El Salvador totaling $9,418.69, 1 project in Haiti, totaling $5,240, 3 projects in Kenya totaling $9.025.55, 7 projects in Morocco totaling $20,832.47, 9 projects in Peru, totaling $18.272.33, 2 projects in the Philippines, totaling $9,184.46, 1 project in Rwanda, totaling $852, and 3 projects in Senegal, totaling $8,625.75.

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Notes from the Field

In August, World Connect Board member James Hunt took three of his children to visit a World Connect project in Tuti, Peru, an extremely isolated, mountainous community where 90% of the population lives in poverty, 10% in extreme poverty. Because of the high cost of fruits and vegetables, many families in Tuti subsist almost exclusively on potatoes. The Hunt family visited a project developed in partnership with a local Peace Corps Volunteer to construct adobe greenhouses to grow more diverse and nutritious foods for families in the area. "It was amazing, educational, and gratifying", said James.
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