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Local innovation, local success
World Connect launched a project in Kenya with a modest $814.71, providing community health workers in Njabina Village (pictured above) with resources to purchase two goats and develop a business around goat husbandry. In just two months the health workers have organized a strong workgroup, learned in-depth about raising goats, and one of their two goats safely gave birth to a new kid; the group is already selling goat milk and working towards turning their activities into a sustainable income generating project. Like many health workers around the world, Kiburu Unit's are unpaid volunteers, working every day in their community to provide vital health information and care. World Connect works with Peace Corps Volunteers and community-based organizations around the world to plan and implement sustainable projects that improve the lives of women and children by improving health, the environment, and increasing education and economic opportunity.
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Local Leaders

"I have four children and no husband, and I work every day to provide a good home for my family. I am not young anymore, and it is more challenging every day. A goat is very simple to care for, and my children are able to help care for it." Mama Coro is a 65 year old member of the Kiburu Unit Community Health Workers who work, unpaid, to educate community members about hand washing, nutrition, HIV/AIDS and maternal and child health. The majority support their families by small-scale farming.

Peace Corps Volunteers

"This project has been successful and surprising in a way that is difficult to describe. The Community Health Workers that I work with played an incredibly active part in every aspect of writing the grant, purchasing the goats, and coming up with a system to assure maximum participation of all members in meetings, goat care, and other group activities." This testimonial is from Jennifer, a Peace Corps Volunteer originally from California serving in Njabina Village, Kenya.

Kids Connect

Horace Mann School in New York launched its Kids Connect partnership in the 2013-2014 school year and chose to raise funds for this project. Students held a number of bake sale fundraisers and raised 100% of the funding to support this project. World Connect is currently working with 25 schools across the U.S. to promote global citizenship, youth-led philanthropy, and cross-cultural learning. Partnerships like this one give students a unique opportunity to engage meaningfully in global development.

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