World Connect US Expansion

World Connect’s education program is partnering with more schools, programs, and students every day. From Massachusetts to California, students and teachers are forming World Connect clubs, piloting internship programs, brainstorming creative fundraisers to engage their communities, and developing classes inspired by global awareness. These partnerships are stimulated by projects, but driven by engaged and committed … More


Brooklyn to El Salvador

Since 2009, World Connect has partnered with schools across the country to engage youth in international development, philanthropy and service learning. Through Kids Connect, students choose a project for which they learn and teach their peers, fundraise, and connect directly with local project leaders through Skype. Since 2009, kids have raised nearly $35,000 to support … More

Reflecting on our work in Kenya

Reflecting on our work in Kenya

World Connect has been working in Kenya since 2011 in partnership with many dynamic, talented grassroots leaders and community-based organizations, as well as committed Peace Corps Volunteers placed in remote villages throughout the country. Our projects have directed energy and resources towards a myriad of community-driven development priorities in Kenya, such as improving school environments … More